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Variation of serum protein allotypes serving as genetic markers of the blood has been analyzed in 29 populations of the domestic pig and subspecies of the wild boar. The population biodiversity and genetic structure have been estimated by two methods: by the frequencies of allotype combinations and with the use of a map constructed in the space of two(More)
A high current, multi charged, metal ion source using electron heating of vacuum arc plasma by high power gyrotron radiation has been developed. The plasma is confined in a simple mirror trap with peak magnetic field in the plug up to 2.5 T, mirror ratio of 3-5, and length variable from 15 to 20 cm. Plasma formed by a cathodic vacuum arc is injected into(More)
The article deals with the results of treatment of 180 patients with the Mallory-Weiss syndrome. Morphological studies of the gastric wall was conducted in 16 patients who underwent operation. It was established that developmental anomalies, chronic gastritis, and pathological changes of the vessels of the lamina muscularis mucosae impairing its mobility(More)
A method for generating high charge state heavy metal ion beams based on high power microwave heating of vacuum arc plasma confined in a magnetic trap under electron cyclotron resonance conditions has been developed. A feature of the work described here is the use of a cusp magnetic field with inherent "minimum-B" structure as the confinement geometry, as(More)
Vacuum arc ion sources have been made and used by a large number of research groups around the world over the past twenty years. The first generation of vacuum arc ion sources (dubbed "Mevva," for metal vapor vacuum arc) was developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the 1980s. This paper considers the design, performance parameters, and some(More)
The amount of essent ia l oil in the dried leaves with inf lorescences during this per iod amounted to 2-2.5%. The oil possessed highly specific p roper t ies with a well-defined lavender, and not a mint, odor. A sample of the oil obtained by s team dist i l lat ion consisted of a mobile, slightly yellowish liquid and posses sed the following specif ic(More)
MATERIAL AND METHODS It is presented the results of cold-plasma sternotome application in 16 patients. Efficiency of this technique, its effect on sternal reparation as well as on the incidence of early and remote (4-5 months) postoperative wound complications were analyzed. Control group included 19 patients who underwent conventional sternotomy using(More)
The Metal Vapor Vacuum Arc (MEVVA) ion sources are capable of generating ion beams of almost all metals of the periodic table. For this kind of ion source, a combination of gas feeding with magnetic field allows the simultaneous generation of both metal and gaseous ions. That makes the MEVVA ion source an excellent instrument for science and application.(More)
An important technique used for the grading of voltage drop along high voltage ceramic insulators is to provide some surface conduction to bleed off accumulated surface charge. We have used metal ion implantation to modify the surface of high voltage ceramic vacuum insulators to provide a uniform surface resistivity of order 10 Ω/square. A vacuum arc ion(More)