Alexey N. Salnikov

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Sequence-based analysis has been both a widely imitated and widely criticized approach to anomaly detection. In virtually all of the follow-up work to Forrest et al. (1996), though, the distinction between the initially proposed “lookahead pairs” and the follow-on “full sequence” analysis methods has been overlooked. We have discovered that this oversight(More)
PARUS is a parallel programing framework that allows building parallel programs in data flow graph notation. The data flow graph is created by developer either manually or automatically with the help of a script. The graph is then converted to C++/MPI source code and linked with the PARUS runtime system. The next step is the parallel program execution on a(More)
Nucleotide and amino acid sequences research is actual for molecular biology and bioengineering. An important aspect of analysis of such sequences is multiple alignment. This article describes the implementations of the MUSCLE and ClustalW programs on multiprocessors and a web interface to them. The modification of the MUSCLE algorithm realize a data-flow(More)
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