Alexey N. Krasnov

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SAGA/TFTC-type multiprotein complexes play important roles in the regulation of transcription. We have investigated the importance of the nuclear positioning of a gene, its transcription and the consequent export of the nascent mRNA. We show that E(y)2 is a subunit of the SAGA/TFTC-type histone acetyl transferase complex in Drosophila and that E(y)2(More)
Metazoan E(y)2/ENY2 is a multifunctional protein important for transcription activation and mRNA export, being a component of SAGA/TFTC and the mRNA export complex AMEX. Here, we show that ENY2 in Drosophila is also stably associated with THO, the complex involved in mRNP biogenesis. The ENY2-THO complex is required for normal Drosophila development,(More)
SAGA/TFTC is a histone acetyltransferase complex that has a second enzymatic activity because of the presence of a deubiquitination module (DUBm). Drosophila DUBm consists of Sgf11, ENY2 and Nonstop proteins. We show that Sgf11 has other DUBm-independent functions. It associates with Cbp80 component of the cap-binding complex and is thereby recruited onto(More)
Progressive degeneration of nigrostriatal dopaminergic (DA-ergic) neurons is a key component in the pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease, which develops for a long time at the preclinical stage with no motor dysfunctions due to the initiation of compensatory processes. The goal of this study was to evaluate the changes in surviving nigrostriatal DA-ergic(More)
Drosophila SAYP, a homologue of human PHF10/BAF45a, is a metazoan coactivator associated with Brahma and essential for its recruitment on the promoter. The role of SAYP in DHR3 activator-driven transcription of the ftz-f1 gene, a member of the ecdysone cascade was studied. In the repressed state of ftz-f1 in the presence of DHR3, the Pol II complex is(More)
ENY2/Sus1, a protein involved in the coupling of transcription with mRNA export, is a component of SAGA/TFTC and TREX-2/AMEX complexes. Recently, we have described the association of ENY2 with the third protein complex, THO. Moreover, our data indicate that ENY2 is also associated with other factors, both in the nucleus and cytoplasm. Thus, being a shared(More)
A multisubunit complex that contains the novel evolutionarily conserved transcription factor SAYP was isolated, and its protein composition was determined. SAYP was found to unite two complexes with different functions in transcription activation, namely, the chromatin-remodeling complex PBAP (SWI/SNF) and the general transcription factor TFIID, which is(More)
The mechanisms triggering most of autoimmune diseases are still obscure. Autoreactive B cells play a crucial role in the development of such pathologies and, in particular, production of autoantibodies of different specificities. The combination of deep-sequencing technology with functional studies of antibodies selected from highly representative(More)
The role of metazoan coactivator SAYP in nuclear receptor-driven gene activation in the ecdysone cascade of Drosophila is considered. SAYP interacts with DHR3 nuclear receptor and activates the corresponding genes by recruiting the BTFly (Brahma and TFIID) coactivator supercomplex. The knockdown of SAYP leads to a decrease in the level of DHR3-activated(More)