Alexey Milovanov

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Algorithmic statistics is a part of algorithmic information theory (Kolmogorov complexity theory) that studies the following task: given a finite object x (say, a binary string), find an ‘explanation’ for it, i.e., a simple finite set that contains x and where x is a ‘typical element’. Both notions (‘simple’ and ‘typical’) are defined in terms of Kolmogorov(More)
We improve and simplify the result of the part 4 of " Counting curves and their projections " (Joachim von zur Gathen, Marek Karpinski, Igor Shpar-linski, [1]) by showing that counting roots of a sparse polynomial over F 2 n is #P-and ⊕P-complete under deterministic reductions. 1 Result Consider the field F 2 n. Its elements are presented as polynomials(More)
For the first time in pediatric pathologicoanatomic practice the complete systematization of cerebral cortex malformations is represented. Organ, macroscopic forms: microencephaly, macroencephaly, micropolygyria, pachygyria, schizencephaly, porencephaly, lissencephaly. Histic microdysgenesis of cortex: type I includes isolated abnormalities such as radial(More)
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