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Correlation dimension of reconstructed attractor (D(2)) is one of the specific values for human electroencephalogram (EEG). It makes it possible to evaluate variability of human brain functioning. There are some requirements, made for time series to be analyzed by Grassberger-Procaccia method, and EEG does not meet them perfectly. Also, realization of this(More)
MOTIVATION One of the important aspects of the data classification problem lies in making the most appropriate selection of features. The set of variables should be small and, at the same time, should provide reliable discrimination of the classes. The method for the discriminating power evaluation that enables a comparison between different sets of(More)
The combination of infusion preparations with large doses of hydrocortisone (15--20 mg/kg) is highly recommended for severe mechanical traumas at the prehospital period stage. In so doing, a less amount of infusion preparations is needed to combat a dangerous hypotension and the period of its noxious effect upon the organism shortens, as well. Besides, more(More)
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