Alexey Likhoded

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We consider general physical characteristics of doubly heavy baryons: the spectroscopy in the framework of potential approach and sum rules of QCD, mechanisms of production in various interactions on the basis of fragmentation model with account of preasymptotic corrections caused by higher twists over the transverse momentum of baryon, inclusive decays and(More)
Semileptonic B c-meson decays in sum rules of QCD and NRQCD. Abstract The semileptonic B c-meson decays into the heavy quarkonia J/ψ(η c) and a pair of lep-tons are investigated in the framework of three-point sum rules of QCD and NRQCD. Calculations of analytical expressions for the spectral densities of QCD and NRQCD cor-relators with account for the(More)
This Technical Design Report is dedicated to Tom Ypsilantis. Tom conceived the Ring Imaging Cherenkov detectors for particle identification in LHCb and he made an inestimable contribution to the LHCb RICH project. Tom would have wished to see these detectors in operation. He was totally dedicated to the project. He will be missed by the RICH group for his(More)
In the framework of model motivated by perturbative calculations in QCD we estimate the differential and total cross sections for both the photoproduction of vector D *-mesons and their yield in deep inelastic scattering at the HERA collider. The offered model allows us to take into account higher twists over the transverse momentum of meson at p T ∼ m c(More)