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The effect of preliminary administration of alpha-tocopherol acetate (1 mg/kg) and sodium selenite (1 mg/kg) on RNA synthesis rate and changes in the macroergic content in ischemic myocardium was studied. It was shown to be conducive to ATP level maintenance after 30- and 60-minute heart ischemia. A statistically significant accumulation of RNA by the(More)
When the descending branch of the left coronary artery is compressed the rate of flow of impulses in different cardiac fibers may be affected variously: there may be an increase, a decrease or a fluctuating change at different times after compression of the coronary vessels. In certain fibers there was no change in impulse rate although these fibers ran(More)
The method of paired stimulation of the hear t [1-5, 8] consists essential ly of the success ive application of paired e lec t r ica l pulses to the hear t . The pulses of each pair a re applied in time so that each seeond impulse is applied immediately af ter the end of the absolute r e f rac to ry phase caused by the f i rs t pulse. As a result of this(More)