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1Masaharu Motokawa
1Masakazu Asahara
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Dental anomalies in the Japanese mole, Mogera wogura Temminck, 1842, from northeast China and the Primorsky region of Russia were examined based on 241 specimens. The most frequent dental anomaly was oligodonty, i.e., missing P2 (18 cases) or P3 (one case). Supernumerary teeth were observed in three cases, two of which were characterized by abnormal shapes.(More)
Classical mechanics is empirically successful because the probabilistic mean values of quantum mechanical observables follow the classical equations of motion to a good approximation (Messiah 1970, 215). We examine this claim for the one-dimensional motion of a particle in a box, and extend the idea by deriving a special case of the ideal gas law in terms(More)
The Jungle Crow (Corvus macrorhynchos) is a widespread species in Asia that underwent remarkable postglacial recolonisations during the Pleistocene and Holocene. In order to better understand the pattern of its settling and diversification, we investigated the morphological differences among adult Jungle Crow samples obtained from locations in northern(More)
Isomorphisms of separable Hilbert spaces are analogous to isomorphisms of n-dimensional vector spaces. However, while n-dimensional spaces in applications are always realized as the Euclidean space R n , Hilbert spaces admit various useful realizations as spaces of functions. In the paper this simple observation is used to construct a fruitful formalism of(More)
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