Alexey Koudinov

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Acutely dissociated rat cerebellar granule cell neurons were incubated with amyloid-beta (1-42) and studied by flow cytometry. Amyloid-beta caused a dose-dependent loss of viability, as determined by intracellular accumulation of propidium iodide (PI),and that was not accompanied by significant elevation of intracellular calcium, measured by Fluo-3 or(More)
We study exciton spin decay in the regime of strong electron-hole exchange interaction, which occurs in a wide variety of semiconductor nanostructures. In this regime the electron spin precession is restricted within a sector formed by the external magnetic field and the effective exchange fields triggered by random spin flips of the hole. Using Hanle(More)
If light beam propagates through matter containing point impurity centers, the amount of energy absorbed by the media is expected to be either independent of the impurity concentration N or proportional to N, corresponding to the intrinsic absorption or impurity absorption, respectively. Comparative studies of the resonant transmission of light in the(More)
The excitations of a two-dimensional electron gas in quantum wells with intermediate carrier density (ne∼1011  cm-2), i.e., between the exciton-trion and the Fermi-sea range, are so far poorly understood. We report on an approach to bridge this gap by a magnetophotoluminescence study of modulation-doped (Cd,Mn)Te quantum well structures. Employing their(More)
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