Alexey Kokotov

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In this paper, we introduce a new class of integrable systems, naturally associated to Hurwitz spaces (spaces of meromorphic functions over Riemann surfaces). The critical values of the meromorphic functions play the role of "times". Our systems give a natural generalization of the Ernst equation; in genus zero, they realize the scheme of deformation of(More)
The isomonodromic tau-function for the Hurwitz spaces of branched coverings of genus zero and one are constructed explicitly. Such spaces may be equipped with the structure of a Frobenius manifold and this introduces a flat coordinate system on the manifold. The isomonodromic tau-function, and in particular the associated G-function, are rewritten in these(More)
We study extremal properties of the determinant of the Laplacian in the Bergman metric on the moduli space of compact genus two Riemann surfaces. By a combination of analytical and numerical methods we identify four non-degenerate critical points of this function and compute the signature of the Hessian at these points. The curve with the maximal number of(More)