Alexey Kirichenko

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In 1997, Coppersmith proved a famous theorem for finding small roots of bivariate polynomials over ℤ, with important applications to cryptography. While it seems to have been overlooked until now, we found the proof of the most commonly cited version of this theorem to be incomplete. Filling in the gap requires technical manipulations which we carry out in(More)
—Interest and motivation about information security is important but often missing as security can be technically too demanding for many computer and Internet users. However, for the security experts, the means, motivation and interest to handle security-related decision-making are there. These assets could be used to help others. On a personal level, it(More)
In this paper we present Securebox, an affordable and deployable platform for securing and managing IoT networks. Our proposal targets an alarming spot in the fast growing IoT industry where security is often overlooked due to device limitation, budget constraint, and development deadline. In contrast to existing host-centric and hardware-coupled solutions,(More)
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