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a) Data+Skeleton b) Skeleton Distance Field c) Influence Zones d) Interaction+Correction Figure 1: Example of the correction for a synthetic dataset (top row) and a liver segmentation dataset (bottom row) using our new approach: (a) features for the correction are circled, (b) iso-surfaces of the skeleton distance field are shown, (c) each color band(More)
Hiermit erkläre ich, dass ich diese Arbeit selbständig verfasst habe, dass ich die verwende-ten Quellen und Hilfsmittel vollständig angegeben habe und dass ich die Stellen der Arbeit-einschließlich Tabellen, Karten und Abbildungen-, die anderen Werken oder dem Internet im Wortlaut oder dem Sinn nach entnommen sind, auf jeden Fall unter Angabe der Quelle als(More)
a) a) b) b) c) c) d) d) e) e) f) f) Figure 1: We propose a novel guided volume editing approach for improving the quality of segmented medical data (Jaccard coefficient in percents). (a) Two suggestions to rectify over-estimation defects, with an initial quality of 88%, (b) after applying the suggestions, 91%, (c) after applying four more suggestions, 92%.(More)
This review deals with the problem of mollusk invasions into the inland waters of the Western Siberian region. The data on all the alien species of snails and bivalves registered up to now in water bodies of the region are provided. Possible ways and mechanisms of penetration of the alien species into the Western Siberian water bodies are discussed. The(More)
The identification of dissimilar regions in spatial and temporal data is a fundamental part of data exploration. This process takes place in applications, such as biomedical image processing as well as climatic data analysis. We propose a general solution for this task by employing well-founded statistical tools. From a large set of candidate regions, we(More)
Automatic keywords extraction is used in almost all the tasks related to natural language processing, such as annotation, indexing, classification, machine translation, knowledge extraction, etc. A large number of effective methods and approaches were developed to solve this problem, and the most simple and robust ones of them are based on the statistics of(More)
The size of shells in some freshwater pulmonate mollusk species abundant in Western Siberia (Lymnaea fragilis, L. terebra, Planorbis planorbis, and Anisus leucostoma) is relatively large in the south and decreases in the north. It is supposed that this phenomenon is explained by the fact that the season with conditions allowing the growth of mollusks is(More)
The patterns of spatial variation in gastropod diversity in the waterbodies of western Siberia have been revealed. The highest species and generic diversity of freshwater gastropods is found in the waterbodies of the forest-steppe zone; from there, these parameters significantly decrease northwards, reaching their minimum beyond the polar circle. The(More)
The human placenta is essential for the supply of the fetus. To monitor the fetal development, imaging data is acquired using (US). Although it is currently the gold-standard in fetal imaging, it might not capture certain abnormalities of the placenta. (MRI) is a safe alternative for the in utero examination while acquiring the fetus data in higher detail.(More)
Various medical imaging techniques, such as Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Ultrasonic Imaging, are now gold standards in the diagnosis of different diseases. The diagnostic process can be greatly improved with the aid of automatic and interactive analysis tools, which, however, require certain prerequisites in order to operate. Such(More)
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