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A semi-Markov process, as a model of interpretation of an algorithm by embedded controller is considered. Generation of transactions in digital controllers as a result of random wandering on states of semi-Markov process is described. Mathematical expressions for evaluation of stochastic characteristics and time lag densities between transactions are(More)
Questions of simulation of states of equipment, which is situated on autonomous carriers and includes number of computerized units, are considered. The mathematical apparatus, which permits to construct the common cyclogram of equipment operation, is proposed. Dependencies for calculation of cyclogram parameters are obtained. The task of loading of the(More)
The short characteristic of the developed complex of mathematical models of support of stability of functioning of the distributed information systems is this. Results of the experimental check of the developed mathematical models are given. Features of their practical use are given in stages of life cycle of the distributed information systems.
The article presents the investigation of time characteristics of algorithm interpretation by Von-Neumann computers with apparatus of Petri-Markov nets. Considering the external interruptions as a result of functioning of independent random process, that develops in parallel with algorithm interpretation it was developed the basic structural-parametric(More)
It is shown that the problem of evaluation of states both object and controller arises at digital control. In multi-circuit embedded systems time intervals of residence of system in any state depends on both time complexity of control algorithm and dispatching discipline. Two simplest disciplines, of most common use are investigated: the cyclic dispatching(More)
The problem of software fault-tolerance is described. The fault-tolerance problem is considered as hardware faults and software errors. The software errors classification is proposed. Authors describe the computational process as treelike directed graph. Errors are bringing in the realisation of the algorithm at the stage of programming. It is cause forming(More)
Parallel computers have a significantly higher limiting speed of processing compared to sequential ones. However, it is not always possible to realize the potential of parallelism in practice. It can be due to the difference in the types of parallelism between the algorithm and the computer, the inability to parallelize the algorithm onto given number of(More)