Alexey Grigorev

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237 In this study, the functional state and differential potential of cultured multipotential mesenchymal stromal cells (MMSCs) have been compared with those of more differentiated cells from the osteo genic and adipogenic differons under the conditions of long term simulation of microgravity effects. Simulated microgravity has been shown to inhibit cell(More)
The purpose of the present investigation was to look for original approaches to the analysis of physical-chemical (osmolality, sodium, potassium, and calcium concentrations) and hormonal (cortisol, aldosterone, vasopressin, parathormone, calcitonin) parameters of cosmonauts' serum. To this event, we investigated 35 cosmonauts who had made either short- (up(More)
Mathematical formulae are essential in science, but face challenges of ambiguity, due to the use of a small number of identifiers to represent an immense number of concepts. Corresponding to word sense disambiguation in Natural Language Processing, we disambiguate mathematical identifiers. By regarding formulae and natural text as one monolithic information(More)
In 1987 the USSR orbital complex "Mir" accomplished its space mission, crewed by Yu.V. Romanenko (326 days), and A.I. Laveykin (about 176 days), who was replaced on the orbit (in consequence of some cardiac function peculiarities revealed in exercise conditions) by A.P. Aleksandrov (about 160 days). During the flight, extravehicular activity in the open(More)
The review examines the new approaches in modern systems biology, in terms of their use for a deeper understanding of the physiological adaptation of a healthy human in extreme environments. Human physiology under extreme conditions of life, or environmental physiology, and systems biology are natural partners. The similarities and differences between the(More)
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