Alexey Fofonov

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For the visual analysis of multidimensional data, dimension reduction methods are commonly used to project to a lower-dimensional visual space. In the context of multifields, i.e., volume data with a multidimensional attribute space, the spatial arrangement of the samples in the volumetric domain can be exploited to generate a Continuous Representation of(More)
Multi-run simulations are widely used to investigate how simulated processes evolve depending on varying initial conditions. Frequently, such simulations model the change of spatial phenomena over time. Isocontours have proven to be effective for the visual representation and analysis of 2D and 3D spatial scalar fields. We propose a novel visualization(More)
Continuous scatterplots are a consistent tool for the visual representation and exploration of continuous multivariate data defined on a continuous domain. Due to the complexity of the construction algorithm, application of continuous scatterplots is limited in terms of data size and screen resolution when interactive frame rates are desired. Progressive(More)
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