Alexey Chernykh

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The lignin-degrading, biopulping white-rot fungus Physisporinus rivulosus secretes several laccases of distinct features such as thermostability, extremely low pH optima and thermal activation for oxidation of phenolic substrates. Here we describe the cloning, heterologous expression and structural and enzymatic characterisation of two previously(More)
Two promising strains of laccase producers—Lentinus strigosus 1566 and Steccherinum ochraceum 1833—were found by screening of basidiomycetes. The cultivation conditions increasing the enzyme yield were selected. The maximal laccase activity was observed in the case of submerged cultivation of the mycelium immobilized on polycaproamide fibers in rich media(More)
AIMS To isolate and characterize the laccase isoforms from S. ochraceum 1833 - a new active producer of high extracellular laccase activity. METHODS AND RESULTS Three laccase isoforms (laccases I, II and III) with 57.5, 59.5 and 63 kDa molecular masses respectively were purified from S. ochraceum 1833 and in contrast to the known laccases had strongly(More)
The effects of a number of culture medium components, such as peptone, yeast extract, mono- and disaccharides, copper ions, 2,6-dimethylphenol, and polycaproamide fiber, on the laccase activity dynamics in the culture liquid and laccase isoform production by the Lentinus strigosus 1566 fungus were studied. It was demonstrated that some saccharides(More)
The crystal structure of a blue laccase from Steccherinum ochraceum has been solved at 2.0Å of resolution using a classic data acquisition from a single crystal. The overall structural features are typical of this class of enzymes, however, distances inside the trinuclear copper cluster are indicative of a reduction of the metal centers induced by free(More)
The research established the frequency, spectrum and the prevalence of congenital malformations (CM) in the Kursk region, the analysis of the results of monitoring the CM for the period from 2005 to 2009 has been performed. The evaluation of influence of the major pollutants of air and soil on the possibility of CM arising in children in the Kursk region(More)
In the course of the research the possibility of using 3d visualization of the results of hygienic investigations using software package STATISTICA Neural Networks as exemplified by the physical development of children in the Kursk region has been demonstrated, assessment of the possibility of application the proposed method has been done.
The paper presents current trends in the use of pesticides and detection of their residues in the environmental objects. Pesticides are shown to be a serious health risk factor for different groups of the population when they are irrationally used and inadequately stored. A package of measures to prevent intoxication and to reduce a risk for pesticide entry(More)