Alexey Bondar

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ArcLight, a genetically encoded fluorescent protein voltage probe with a large ΔF/ΔV, is a fusion between the voltage sensing domain of the Ciona instestinalis voltage sensitive phosphatase and super ecliptic pHluorin carrying a single mutation (A227D in the fluorescent protein). Without this mutation the probe produces only a very small change in(More)
Although most heterotrimeric G proteins are thought to dissociate into Gα and Gβγ subunits upon activation, the evidence in the Gi/o family has long been inconsistent and contradictory. The Gi/o protein family mediates inhibition of cAMP production and regulates the activity of ion channels. On the basis of experimental evidence, both heterotrimer(More)
Membrane proteins are a large, diverse group of proteins, serving a multitude of cellular functions. They are difficult to study because of their requirement of a lipid membrane for function. Here we show that two-photon polarization microscopy can take advantage of the cell membrane requirement to yield insights into membrane protein structure and(More)
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