Alexey Boiko

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Dendritic cells (DC) accumulate in the CNS during inflammation and may contribute to local immune responses. Two DC subsets present in human cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) are probably recruited from myeloid (CD11c(+)CD123(dim)) and plasmacytoid (CD11c(-)CD123(high)) blood DC. In bacterial meningitis and especially in Lyme meningoencephalitis, numbers of myeloid(More)
Several obscure facts of gerontology are briefly reviewed. A attempt is made to shape new notions of the phenomenon based on the astrocyte hypothesis of ageing in mammals. This hypothesis interprets mammal ageing as a genetic disease with fatal outcome. The disease is caused by single character acquired by the theromorph lineage of the vertebrates in the(More)
BACKGROUND As results from an increasing number of clinical trials with disease-modifying drugs (DMDs) in multiple sclerosis (MS) become available, the challenge for the treating neurologist is how to decide on the appropriate therapy for an individual patient. OBJECTIVE An International Working Group for Treatment Optimization in MS met to consider how(More)
Clinical data of a single case of functional recovery and regeneration in pathologically altered foot tissue with extensive necrosis in during the course of therapy with the use of dietary supplement "Leiurus Arctica +" Clinical data indicates that the dietary supplement "Leiurus Arctica +" can be used as a wound healing agent.
Natural selection is just one of the factors determining genome evolution of Metazoa. But it's not a domineering one along with non-adaptive processes: horizontal gene transfer and input of egoistic genetic elements. That's why in phylogenesis (1) there are more genes of first Metazoa lost than new ones acquired; (2) the appearance of new genes among(More)
The evolution of aging phenomenon in Metazoa was from the very beginning developing from potentially immortal forms to those more prone to aging. Potential immortality is an ancestral feature gradually lost in the course of evolution; at the same time aging and death resulting from aging are not obligatory but highly desirable property of existence of(More)
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