Alexey B. Shipunov

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The morphological variability of the genus Nymphaea is described on the basis of detailed studies of fresh material from 49 populations in European Russia and southern Siberia. Macromorphological characters in the field (including analysis of leaf shape using geometrical morphometry), pollen size and exine sculpture have been analyzed. One polymorphic(More)
More than 600 herbarium samples from four distantly related groups of flowering plants were used for DNA extraction and subsequent measurements of DNA purity and concentration. We did not find any significant relation between DNA purity and the age of the sample. However, DNA yields were different between plant groups studied. We believe that there there(More)
The known plant viruses mostly infect angiosperm hosts and have RNA or small DNA genomes. The only other lineage of green plants with a relatively well-studied virome, unicellular chlorophyte algae, is mostly infected by viruses with large DNA genomes. Thus RNA viruses and small DNA viruses seem to completely displace large DNA virus genomes in late(More)
The objective of this research was to identify factors affecting tree damage in the historical Minot flood of 2011. We hypothesized that tree height, identity, origin, and maximum water height affect in the severity of damage sustained by a tree in a flood event. All these factors were significant but highly interactive. The results from this research can(More)
Fungal endophytes in spotted knapweed influence its competitive interactions. Abstract Fungal symbionts are often overlooked in studies of plant invasion. Nevertheless, their role could be essential to the competitive success of the invader. We studied fungal endophytes in the widespread invasive Centaurea stoebe (common knapweed). A preliminary experiment(More)
Preface Most of researches agree that kingdom-level classification of living things needs the special rules and principles. Two approaches are possible: (a) tree-based, Hennigian approach will look for main dichotomies inside so-called " Tree of Life " ; and (b) space-based, Linnaean approach will look for the key differences inside " Natural System "(More)
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