Alexey Andreev

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In this paper we present an architecture and approach to publishing open linked data in the cultural heritage domain. We demonstrate our approach for building a system both for data publishing and consumption and show how user benefits can be achieved with semantic technologies. For domain knowledge representation the CIDOC-CRM ontology is used. As a main(More)
Number of connected devices grows much faster than their manufacturers and customers agree on standards which could realise addressing, identification, discovery, composition, security and privacy of these devices. A result of such situation is a lack of interoperability among different clusters of connected devices and systems. This is one of the known(More)
The role of membrane-bound Ca2+ in the regulation of Ca2+ transport through voltage-gated Ca2+ channel, and NMDA-glutamate and n-acetylcholine receptors upon interaction of a neuron with glia during rhythmic excitation was studied. It was found that the redistribution and transport of Ca2+ play a crucial role in the conductance of rhythmic excitation in(More)
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