Alexey A. Sozinov

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Alleles at the high-molecular-weight glutenin subunit loci Glu-U1 and Glu-M b 1 were analyzed in the tetraploid species Aegilops biuncialis (UUMbMb). The material for the investigation included the collection of 39 accessions of Ae. biuncialis from Ukraine (the Crimea), one Hellenic accession, one accession of unknown origin, F2 seeds from different(More)
Cytogenetic analysis of immature embryoderived calli and regenerated plants of barley has demonstrated high heterogeneity of callus cultures and significant differences in cytogenetic processes between different callus lines. Regenerated plants usually have a normal chromosome complement (2n=14). Tetraploid plaints occur with a frequency of 1%. No(More)
Inheritance of gliadin components in winter wheat has been studied by one-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Single F2 grains from 36 intervarietal hybrid combinations have been analysed. The genetic analysis has revealed blocks, including 1–6 gliadin components, which are inherited as individual mendelian traits. About 80 variants of blocks(More)
Analysis of F2 grains from two different crosses has revealed a complex organization of the family of gliadin-coding genes located on chromosomes of the first homoeological group in hexaploid wheat. Chromosome 1A of variety ‘Bezenchukskaya 98’ was found to carry at least five gliadin-coding genes of which three genes form a cluster controlling the synthesis(More)
The gliadin composition of 78 spring durum wheat varieties has been studied by one-dimensional (Al-lactate,pH 3.1) and two-dimensional (first dimension, Al-lactate,pH 3.1; second dimension, sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel) electrophoresis. Analysis of hybrids has shown that all components of the α zone of gliadin spectra are inherited together as(More)
Blocks of gliadin components found both in a number of varieties and in single F2 grains of winter wheat intervarietal hybrids have been studied by two-dimensional electrophoresis combining electrophoresis in acidic aluminium-lactate buffer (pH3.1) and SDS-electrophoresis. Gliadin components (spots) have been shown to be inherited as linked groups (blocks),(More)
Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis has been used to investigate the inheritance and linkage relationships between anodal (PXA) and cathodal (PXC) seed peroxidases in hexaploid oat (Avena sativa L.). A total of 12 seed peroxidase loci (5 loci of PXA and 7 loci of PXC) were identified in three crosses. Only two Pxc loci (Pxc5 and Pxc7) were not linked to any(More)
Ernst Pöppel a,b,c, Yan Bao с,a,b, Shihui Han с,a, Alexey A. Sozinov d, Dmitry V. Ushakov d, Artem I. Kovalev e, Alexander M. Chernorizov e, Galina Ya. Menshikova e, Yury P. Zinchenkoe, Vera I. Zabotkina g, Evgeny Gutyrchik a,b,, Yuliya S. Zaytseva a,b,f a Human Science Center, Institute of Medical Psychology, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich,(More)
Genotypes at the gliadin loci Gli-A1, Gli-B1, Gli-D1 and the high-molecular-weight glutenin subunit loci Glu-A1, Glu-B1, Glu-D1 were identified in 77 winter common wheat cultivars developed in the Central Forest Steppe of Ukraine in different periods of time. The highest level of variation was observed at the Gli-A1 locus. Predominant alleles (one or two(More)
European oat germ plasm involving 252 varieties, landraces, and breeding lines has been characterised by allelic constitution at three independent complex avenin loci. A total of 26 avenin alleles (blocks), including 7 at the Ave1 (Avn A), 10 at the Ave2 (Avn B), and 9 at the Ave3 (Avn C) loci were revealed. The avenin block variants were shown to be coded(More)