Alexey A. Petrov

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In principle particle spins can be measured from their production cross sections once their mass is approximately known. The method works in practice because spins are quantized and cross sections depend strongly on spins. It can be used to determine, for example, the spin of the top quark. Direct application of this method to supersymmetric theories will(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the performance of the Nidek MK-2000 microkeratome. METHODS The Nidek MK-2000 microkeratome was used in 1,220 cases of LASIK with the Nidek EC-5000 excimer laser. Patients had a wide range of myopia (-0.75 to -25.00 D), hyperopia (+0.75 to +9.00 D) and/or astigmatism (-7.00 to +6.50 D). The flap was created with the 130-microm(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate postoperative spherical aberration reduction and increase of visual acuity with new Flex Scan and custom ablation software. METHODS We created a new customized low spherical aberration ablation profile for myopic patients (true spherical ablation). This aspheric algorithm increases ablation in the midperiphery and periphery to reduce(More)
Charm physics plays a unique dual role in the modern investigations of flavor physics. Charm decay and production experiments provide valuable checks and supporting measurements for studies of CP-violation in measurements of CKM parameters in b-physics, as well as outstanding opportunities for searches for new physics. Historically, many methods of heavy(More)
We review current status of theoretical predictions of lifetimes of heavy hadrons in heavy-quark expansion. We present a calculation of subleading 1/mb corrections to spectator effects in the ratios of beauty hadron lifetimes. We find that these effects are sizable and should be taken into account in systematic analyses of heavy hadron lifetimes. In(More)
We present the first general analysis of New Physics contributions to the D0-D[over ](0) lifetime difference (equivalently DeltaGamma(D)). We argue that New Physics (NP) contributions to |DeltaC|=1 processes can dominate the lifetime difference in the flavor SU(3) limit. We provide several specific examples of models that produce sizable effects in(More)
We consider contributions to the rare decay K+ → π+νν̄ which become nonlocal at the charm scale. Compared to the leading term, such amplitudes are suppressed by powers of mK/m 2 c and could potentially give corrections at the level of 15%. We compute the leading coefficients of the subleading dimension eight operators in the effective theory below the charm(More)