Alexey A Ovchinnikov

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We consider low-dimensional dynamical systems exposed to a heat bath and to additional ac fields. The presence of these ac fields may lead to a breaking of certain spatial or temporal symmetries, which in turn cause nonzero averages of relevant observables. Nonlinear (non)adiabatic response is employed to explain the effect. We consider a case of a particle(More)
The automatic real-time detection of spike-wave discharges (SWDs), the electroencephalographic hallmark of absence seizures, would provide a complementary tool for rapid interference with electrical deep brain stimulation in both patients and animal models. This paper describes a real-time detection algorithm for SWDs based on continuous wavelet analyses in(More)
A prospective study of 4,595 bronchoscopic procedures performed over four years (1975 to 1978) on 2,143 patients with various bronchopulmonary diseases is described. Of the 4,595 procedures, 1,146 were performed with a flexible fiberoptic bronchoscope (Olympus BF-5B2 or BF-B2) under topical anesthesia with tetracaine and procaine, and 3,449 procedures were(More)
Staining of the bronchi with methylene blue was performed during bronchoscopy in 140 patients with various bronchopulmonary diseases. It was found that malignant bronchial tumors selectively stain dark blue; normal mucous membranes remain unstained. On this basis one can judge rather accurately how far the cancerous growth has spread along the bronchus, and(More)
The author's investigations led them to the conclusion that clinical manifestation of chronic pyelonephritis is associated with destabilization of lipid bilayer of red cell membranes, renal tissue, activation of lipid peroxidation (LPO), rising lipid and LPO products excretion with the urine. 31 patients with chronic pyelonephritis received combined therapy(More)
A total of 184 patients with dendritic nephrolithiasis (74.5% females and 25.5% males) were under study. It was established that in more than half of them the disease developed from the infectious inflammation of the urinary tract. Based on the findings, the authors supposed that in these patients the initial instability of cellular membranes was associated(More)