Alexey A. Komissarov

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3C proteases, the main proteases of picornaviruses, play the key role in viral life cycle by processing polyproteins. In addition, 3C proteases digest certain host cell proteins to suppress antiviral defense, transcription, and translation. The activity of 3C proteases per se induces host cell death, which makes them critical factors of viral cytotoxicity.(More)
Cytoplasmic vacuolization (also called cytoplasmic vacuolation) is a well-known morphological phenomenon observed in mammalian cells after exposure to bacterial or viral pathogens as well as to various natural and artificial low-molecular-weight compounds. Vacuolization often accompanies cell death; however, its role in cell death processes remains unclear.(More)
Comparative evaluation of transgene expression efficiency provided by genetic constructs of different structures is an important stage in the development of new and optimization of existing expression vectors. However, there is no universal approach at present for correct comparison of expression efficiency of vectors of different structure. The goal of(More)
OBJECTIVE To carry out a functional analysis of dopamine transporter (DAT) in autosomal recessive Parkinson's disease caused by mutations in the PARK2 gene. MATERIAL AND METHODS Cultures of dopaminergic neurons were obtained from fibroblasts of a patient with PARK2 form of Parkinson's disease and a healthy donor with the use of the cell reprogramming(More)
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