Alexej Kochetkov

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This paper presents a method of minutiae based fingerprint matching that is robust to deformations and does not do fingerprint alignment. It concentrates on comparing rotation and translation invariant local structures defined by minutiae point and its neighboring minutiae points. Then the collection of most probable correspondences of matched minutiae is(More)
– The GUINEVERE project is part of the EUROTRANS Integrated Project of the 6 th EURATOM Framework Programme. It is mainly devoted to ADS on-line reactivity monitoring validation, sub-criticality determination and operational procedures (loading, start-up, shutdown , …) as a follow-up of the MUSE experiments. The project consists in coupling a fast lead(More)
The experimental-theoretical studies were performed to investigate the structure of substantia spongiosa of the scaphoid bone of the wrist. Morphological prerequisites for the typical fractures of scaphoid bone and for their delayed consolidation, as well as for the false joint development in some of its zones were found. The peculiarities in the structure(More)
Accelerator-Driven Systems (ADS) could be employed to incinerate minor actinides and so partly contribute to answer the problem of nuclear waste management. An ADS consists of the coupling of a subcritical fast reactor to a particle accelerator via a heavy material spallation target. The on-line reactivity monitoring of such an ADS is a serious issue(More)
Motor and intermediate neurons in the fourth lumbar segment of the spinal cord were studied in 38 mongrel male dogs with the aim of detecting adaptive morphological changes in spinal cord elements after exposure to dosed physical loads (running on the treadmill for periods of 7-35 min). These experiments showed that single integrative physical loads(More)
To investigate the adaptive morphological changes of cellular elements of the spinal cord following the dosed application of physical loads (running in treadmill for 7-35 min), the motor neurons and interneurons of i.v. lumbar spinal cord segment were studied in 38 mongrel male dogs. It was shown that single integrating physical loads contributed to(More)
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