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Liquid formamide has been irradiated by high-energy proton beams in the presence of powdered meteorites, and the products of the catalyzed resulting syntheses were analyzed by mass spectrometry. Relative to the controls (no radiation, or no formamide, or no catalyst), an extremely rich, variegate, and prebiotically relevant panel of compounds was observed.(More)
Formamide (NH2CHO) has been irradiated in condensed phase at 273 K by 11B-boron beams in the presence of powdered meteorites of the chondrite and stony-iron types. Relative to the controls (no radiation or no catalysis), a variegate panel of compounds was observed, including purine and pyrimidine nucleobases (uracil, cytosine, adenine, and guanine),(More)
Fossilized cyanobacteria(?) represented by trichomes enclosed in common sheaths were detected in early Proterozoic iron banded formations of the Kursk magnetic anomaly (limonite–martite ores of the Lebedinsky mine and iron banded formations of the Korobkovskoye deposit). These fossils morphologically similar to current representatives of the genus(More)
96 The weathering crusts are markers of continental sedimentation. The question of land colonization by bacteria is interesting in itself and studies in this field are rather fruitful. An active role of bacteria in the for mation of ancient weathering crusts has already been shown and land colonization by bacteria is proposed to start at the onset of the(More)
Evolution is usually taught as the result of mutations and genetic recombinations combined with natural selection, but most living forms have symbiotic relationships with microorganisms, and in this sense symbiogenesis seems to play a very important role in the origin and life evolution. Symbiosis is an important support for the acquisition of new genomes(More)
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