Alexei V Skrypnik

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The aim of this study was to use microchannels drilled by an Er:YAG laser into a human tooth through the enamel into the dentin for direct injection of hydrogen peroxide (HP) to produce a minimally invasive, rapid, tooth bleaching effect. The experiments were conducted in vitro. Five microchannels with a diameter of ?200???m and a depth of ?2??mm were(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Uncovering implants with lasers, while bloodless, has been associated with a risk of implant and bone overheating. The present study evaluated the effect of using a new generation of high-power diode lasers on the temperature of a dental implant and the surrounding tissues using an in vitro model. STUDY DESIGN/MATERIALS AND(More)
In this work carbon nanostructures preparation opportunity under impact of Glass: Yb, Er laser beam with wavelength 1.54 μm on graphite surface, and its size dependence on laser radiation parameters were investigated. Bone modification with obtained particles was carried out. Microhardness of intact and modified bone was estimated.
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Laser radiation is often used to provide micro and nanoparticle delivery into the skin for medical and cosmetic purposes. This technique inherently has limited speed and effective penetration. We proposed and investigated a new method of rapid delivery of solid microparticles, nanoparticles and liquids into tissue through multiple(More)
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