Alexei V. Kouraev

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An accurate and continuous monitoring of lakes and inland seas is available since 1993 thanks to the satellite altimetry missions (Topex-Poseidon, GFO, ERS-2, Jason-1, Jason-2 and Envisat). Global data processing of these satellites provides temporal and spatial time series of lakes surface height with a decimetre precision on the whole Earth. The response(More)
A stable and strong ice cover forms during winter months in the Aral Sea and northern part of the Caspian Sea. The presence of ice cover negatively affects navigation and fi shery condi tions and endangers facilities located on the coast as well as on the shelf, such as oil rigs that have recently been installed in the northern Caspian by Russia and(More)
—The paper discusses application of active and passive microwave data for assessment of time and space variations of first-year ice cover. The Caspian and Aral Seas are chosen as main study areas. The Caspian Sea evolution is primarily climate driven, while for the Aral Sea there is a mix of anthropic and climate factors. We analyze ice cover conditions(More)
/RESUME We demonstrate benefits, drawbacks and potential for application of use of the TOPEX/Poseidon simultaneous active (backscatter coefficient at 13 GHz) and passive (brightness temperature at 18 and 37 GHz) microwave measurements together with SMMR and SSM/I passive microwave data to estimate sea, lake and river ice extent and timing. We present(More)
Having and maintaining suitable water quality is critical to sustain life on our planet. Various conventions have been established for the Protection and Use of Trans-boundary Watercourses and International Lakes. Monitoring of water quality / quantity using remote sensing, in conjunction with strategic in situ sampling can play a crucial role in(More)
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