Alexei V. Kouraev

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Kouraev et al. 2003: Polar Research 22(1), 43–50 A stable and strong ice cover forms during winter months in the Aral Sea and northern part of the Caspian Sea. The presence of ice cover negatively affects navigation and fi shery condi tions and endangers facilities located on the coast as well as on the shelf, such as oil rigs that have recently been(More)
This paper presents an investigation to the estimation of the surface movements over the region of Yakutsk using TerraSAR-X data acquired during two months. The interferometric phase generated from the data stack presents a deterministic behavior over the most of the image, due to short temporal baseline and frozen surface context, and reveals fringes due(More)
The paper discusses application of active and passive microwave data for assessment of time and space variations of firstyear ice cover. The Caspian and Aral Seas are chosen as main study areas. The Caspian Sea evolution is primarily climate driven, while for the Aral Sea there is a mix of anthropic and climate factors. We analyze ice cover conditions using(More)
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