Alexei M Zheltikov

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The finite-difference time-domain technique is employed to examine the evolution of the amplitude, duration, waveform, and phase of ultrashort light pulses propagating in a medium of two-level atoms or molecules. The results of these numerical simulations agree reasonably well with predictions of the McCall-Hahn analysis for the evolution of the amplitude(More)
Nonlinear evolution of coupled forward and backward fields in a multi-layered film is numerically investigated. We examine the role of longitudinal and transverse modulation instabilities in media of finite length with a homogeneous nonlinear susceptibility <font face="Symbol">c</font>((3)). The numerical solution of the nonlinear equations by a(More)
Analytical treatment of the self-phase-modulation of an ultrashort light pulse is extended beyond the slowly varying envelope approximation. The resulting wave equation is modified to include corrections to self-phasemodulation due to higher-order spatial and temporal derivatives. Analytical solutions are found in the limiting regimes of high nonlinearities(More)
The influence of cross-phase modulation on third-harmonic generation is theoretically studied. Generalized phase-matching conditions for third-harmonic generation including pump-intensity-dependent phase shifts related to self- and cross-phase modulation effects are discussed. The phase mismatch between the pump and third-harmonic pulses is shown to vary(More)
Anisotropic photonic crystal structures consisting of birefringent porous silicon layers with alternating porosity were fabricated. The in-plane birefringence formed as a result of anisotropic etching in Si(110) results in unique multilayered structures with two distinct photonic bandgaps for orthogonal light polarizations. Nonlinear optical studies based(More)
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