Alexei M. Frolov

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Analytical formulae suitable for numerical calculations of the second-and third-order auxiliary functions A 2 (k, m, a, b) and A 3 (k, ,, m, a, b, c) are presented. These formulae can directly be used in highly accurate calculations of the A 2 (k, m, a, b) and A 3 (k, ,, m, a, b, c) functions. In turn, the highly accurate auxiliary functions of the second(More)
In order to assess the role of apoptosis in pathogenesis of primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG) apoptosis markers were studied in blood serum and tear fluid of patients with or suspected to have different stages glaucoma. To date the study of POAC pathogenesis goes along with search of possible ways of pharmacotherapy, neuroprotection is considered to be a(More)
Integrals which are individually singular, but which may be combined to yield convergent expressions, are needed for computations of relativistic effects and various properties of atomic and quasiatomic systems. As computations become more detailed and precise, more such integrals are required. This paper presents general formulas for the radial parts of(More)
A paper by F. W. King, "Analysis of some integrals arising in the atomic four-electron problem", contains expressions which it is shown can be further simplified to an extent making the formulation significantly more efficient. Two errors in one of the equations are also identified.
Calculations of three-electron atomic systems in Hylleraas coordinates require integrals involving all the interparticle distances r(ij), which have usually been evaluated by introducing series expansions. For integrals with the smallest powers of r(ij) these expansions do not converge at a satisfactory rate, leading some investigators to introduce(More)
Recently developed multibox approach [A.M. Frolov, Phys. Rev. E 64, 036704 (2001)] is used to construct highly accurate, bound state wave functions for the ground states in the heavy adiabatic ions DT+ and T(2)+. The computed variational energies and bound state properties have significantly higher accuracy than results known from earlier computations.(More)
Mass-dependent and field shift components of the isotopic shift are determined to high accuracy for the ground 1(1)S-states of some light two-electron Li(+), Be(2+), B(3+), and C(4+) ions. To determine the field components of these isotopic shifts we apply the Racah-Rosental-Breit formula. We also determine the lowest order QED corrections to the isotopic(More)
  • журнал Офтальмология, Роль апоптоза, открытоугольной глаукоме, Обзор литературы, A. M. Frolov
  • 2014
циплин: нейрохимии, нейроиммунологии, нейрогене‑ тики, нейробиологии, нейрофармакологии [1,2,3]. Феномен апоптоза входит в круг важнейших про‑ блем биологии и медицины, которые в последние годы являются объектом самого пристального внимания Role of apoptosis in the рathogenesis of glaucomatous optic nerve damage during primary open-angle glaucoma this work(More)
The bound state properties of the ground 1 1S(L=0) state and the lowest triplet 2 3S(L=0) state of the 3He, 4He, and infinityHe helium atoms are determined to very high accuracy from the results of direct numerical computations. To compute the bound state properties of these atoms the author applied his exponential variational expansion in(More)