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Applications with a dynamic workload demand need access to a flexible infrastructure to meet performance guarantees and minimize resource costs. While cloud computing provides the elasticity to scale the infrastructure on demand, cloud service providers lack control and visibility of user space applications, making it difficult to accurately scale the(More)
—Cloud computing offers the flexibility to dynamically size the infrastructure in response to changes in workload demand. While both horizontal and vertical scaling of infrastructure is supported by major cloud providers, these scaling options differ significantly in terms of their cost, provisioning time, and their impact on workload performance.(More)
—The cloud is not transparent. Users of cloud computing cannot control or monitor important information about their VMs or services, such as placement, true resource allocation, virtualization overhead, etc. Likewise, cloud providers cannot obtain important information about their users' deployment such as the application model, the role of each VM, etc.(More)
A key enabler for standardized cloud services is the encap-sulation of software and data into VM images. With the rapid evolution of the cloud ecosystem, the number of VM images is growing at high speed. These images, each containing gigabytes or tens of gigabytes of data, create heavy disk and network I/O workloads in cloud data centers. Because these(More)
—A critical feature of IaaS cloud computing is the ability to quickly disseminate the content of a shared dataset at large scale. In this context, a common pattern is collective on-demand read, i.e., accessing the same VM image or dataset from a large number of VM instances concurrently. There are various techniques that avoid I/O contention to the storage(More)
—IaaS clouds are becoming a standard way of providing elastic compute capacity at an affordable cost. To achieve that, VM provisioning system has to optimally allocate I/O and compute resources. One of the significant optimization opportunities is to leverage content similarity across VM images. While many studies have been devoted to de-duplication of VM(More)