Alexei I Smagin

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Spectral properties of flavonols of three varieties (Golden Delicious, Antonovka, and Renet Simirenko) of anthocyanin-free apple fruit were investigated with reflectance spectroscopy. The results of spectral and biochemical analyses suggested that fruit reflectance in a broad spectral range 365-430 nm is strongly dependent on and, in sunlit fruit surfaces,(More)
The analysis of the ecological situation of the Southern Urals industrial water reservoirs of the nuclear fuel cycle enterprise, "Mayak" PA is represented. The study was held in the 80s - early 90s. The subjects of the study were: a cooling water reservoir--Kysyl-Tash Lake (R-2) as well as a radioactive waste storage reservoir (R-10). Irtyash Lake, which is(More)
This paper describes the criterion of the end of the transient in the measuring circuit. The circuit model is represented by a dynamic element of the first order. The standardized interval criterion that is characterized as an empirical one is shown to be widely used in the digital measuring devices such as power transformer winding resistance meters. The(More)
This review introduces long-term study findings on ecological and radiation induced regime of the water reservoir - lake Kyzyl-Tash (R-2) - used as a heat sink of nuclear-power reactors in the Southern Urals from 1948 through 2008. It was exhibited that water reservoir exploitation by the nuclear fuel cycle facility "Mayak" PA resulted in hydrological,(More)
Published data on the modern state-of-art of bronchopulmonary dysplasia in newborns were analyzed as a complication of prolonged artificial pulmonary ventilation (APV). Agents that can affect an underformed lung in an immature newborn and which can trigger a chronic pathology yet on the 1st month life are under discussion. Modern concepts related with the(More)
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