Alexei I Kuzmin

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We studied 133 California phenylketonuria (PKU) patients and one obligate heterozygote to delineate the molecular basis of PKU in a population with greater ethnic diversity than in previous studies, and to determine whether a correlation exists between genotype and clinical phenotype, with the latter defined by both the diagnostic pretreatment blood(More)
AIM To improve the results of treatment of a widespread purulent peritonitis in children by optimizing fluid therapy includes the use of combined treatment: reamberin and remaxol. MATERIAL AND METHODS We studied 269 patients aged 1 to 15 years with a widespread purulent peritonitis treated at the children's surgical departments in Samara from 2001 to(More)
While human prostate cancers and cell lines express Fas, most of these cell lines are resistant to Fas-mediated death. In the present studies we addressed the ability of IFN-gamma to influence Fas-mediated cell death in prostate cancer cells. In vitro exposure of the human cell lines LNCaP and PC3 and the mouse cell line RM-1 to agonist anti-Fas antibody(More)
THE PURPOSE OF THE STUDY Improving the treatment of advanced peritonitis via use in therapy antihypoxant Reamberin and hepatoprotector Remaxol, nutritional support, sanitation laparoscopic abdominal cavity. SUBJECTS A total of 232 children aged 1 to 15 years with generalized purulent peritonitis treated at the children's surgical departments of Samara(More)
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