Alexei A. Adzhubei

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It has recently been shown that the major autolysin Acm2 from Lactobacillus plantarum WCFS1 undergoes intracellular O-GlcNAcylation [Fredriksen L, Mathiesen G, Moen A, Bron PA, Kleerebezem M, Eijsink VG, Egge-Jacobsen W. 2012. The major autolysin Acm2 from Lactobacillus plantarum undergoes cytoplasmic O-glycosylation. J Bacteriol. 194(2):325-333]. To gain(More)
The main-chain conformations of 80 proteins were analysed to identify helical structures that commonly occur but do not fall into the known classes of alpha-helix, 3(10)-helix and beta-sheet. The analysis yielded 96 occurrences of four or more sequential residues forming the threefold left-handed poly-L-proline II (PPII) helix. This contradicts the(More)
The poly-l-proline type II (PPII) helix in recent years has emerged clearly as a structural class not only of fibrillar proteins (in collagen, PPII is a dominant conformation) but also of the folded and unfolded proteins. Although much less abundant in folded proteins than the α-helix and β-structure, the left-handed, extended PPII helix represents the only(More)
Two more organisms from different taxonomic groups were added to a new version of the Integrated Sequence-Structure Database (ISSD). ISSD serves as an integrated source of sequence and structure information for the analysis of correlations between mRNA synonymous codon usage and three-dimensional structure of the encoded proteins. ISSD now holds 88(More)
The Atlantic salmon is an important aquaculture species and a very interesting species biologically, since it spawns in fresh water and develops through several stages before becoming a smolt, the stage at which it migrates to the sea to feed. The dramatic change of habitat requires physiological, morphological and behavioural changes to prepare the salmon(More)
Viral protein R (Vpr) of HIV-1 belongs to a class of so called 'accessory' proteins, originally thought to be dispensable for virus replication, at least in vitro. Indeed, viruses with mutated or deleted Vpr replicate well in transformed T cell lines. However, recently published results reveal several important functions performed by Vpr, which are critical(More)
Analysis of 68 proteins from Protein Data Bank disclosed a new widely spread type of the secondary structure that is designated as mobile (M-) conformation. Helical parameters of M-conformation are close to the poly-L-proline II type helix. Its occurrence in globular proteins approximates that of the beta-sheet. The angles corresponding to the position of(More)
Accumulation of amyloid-β (Aβ) in neurons accompanies Alzheimer's disease progression. In the cytoplasm Aβ influences activity of proteasomes, the multisubunit protein complexes that hydrolyze the majority of intracellular proteins. However, the manner in which Aβ affects the proteolytic activity of proteasomes has not been established. In this study the(More)
We report an analysis of a novel sequence-structure database of mammalian proteins incorporating nucleotide sequences of the exon regions of their genes together with protein sequence and structural information. We find that synonymous codon families (i.e. coding the same residue) have non-random codon distribution frequencies between protein secondary(More)
To identify as many different transcripts/genes in the Atlantic salmon genome as possible, it is crucial to acquire good cDNA libraries from different tissues and developmental stages, their relevant sequences (ESTs or full length sequences) and attempt to predict function. Such libraries allow identification of a large number of different transcripts and(More)