Alexandru Zamfir

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BINOL-derived phosphoric acids have emerged during the last five years as powerful chiral Brønsted acid catalysts in many enantioselective processes. The most successful transformations carried out with chiral BINOL phosphates include C-C bond formation reactions. The recent advances have been reviewed in this article with a focus being placed on(More)
A first organocatalytic enantioselective route was developed for the conversion of readily prepared and air stable aliphatic hydrazones to synthetically valuable alpha-hydrazinonitriles. This BINOL-phosphate catalyzed Strecker-type reaction (see scheme, Ar = p-NO(2)-Ph) provides a new practical and direct route to alpha-hydrazino acids of synthetic and(More)
The enantioselective BINOL-phosphate catalyzed formation of a quaternary carbon center, bearing a N-atom has been achieved through the self-coupling reaction of enamides; the corresponding products have been isolated in up to >99% ee and their application for the synthesis of versatile synthetic building blocks-beta-aminoketones-has been demonstrated.
The origin of the single chirality of most biomolecules is still a great puzzle. Carbohydrates could form in the formose reaction, which is proposed to be autocatalytic and contains aldol reaction steps. Based on our earlier observation of organoautocatalysis and spontaneous enantioenrichment in absence of deliberate chiral influences in the aldol reaction(More)
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