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Motor imagery is the mental simulation of a motor act that includes preparation for movement, passive observations of action and mental operations of motor representations implicitly or explicitly. Motor imagery as preparation for immediate movement likely involves the motor executive brain regions. Implicit mental operations of motor representations are(More)
Fetal monitoring using abdominally recorded signals (ADS) allows physicians to detect occurring changes in the well-being state of the fetus from the beginning of pregnancy. Mainly based on the fetal electrocardiogram (fECG), it provides the long-term fetal heart rate (fHR) and assessment of the fetal QRS morphology. But the fECG component in ADS is(More)
INTRODUCTION Complications within laparoscopic surgery, similar to classic surgery are inevitable and require immediate actions both to diminish intraoperative risks and to choose the appropriate therapeutic attitude. Peritonitis and hemorrhagic incidents are both part of the complications aspect of laparoscopic surgery. Fortunately, the incidence is(More)
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