Alexandru R. Constantinescu

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The authors T.Harima, J.C.Migliore, U.Nagel and J.Watanabe characterize in [8] the Hilbert function of algbebras with the Lefschetz property. We extend this characterization to algebras with the Lefschetz property m times. We also give upper bounds for the Betti numbers of Artinian algebras with a given Hilbert function and with the Lef-schetz property m(More)
The human sodium-dependent multivitamin transporter (hSMVT) is a product of the SLC5A6 gene and mediates biotin, pantothenic acid, and lipoate uptake in a variety of cellular systems. We report here the identification of mutations R94X, a premature termination, and R123L, a dysfunctional amino acid change, both in exon 3 of the SLC5A6 gene in a child using(More)
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