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GAMYGDALA: An Emotion Engine for Games
In this paper we present GAMYGDALA, an emotional appraisal engine that enables game developers to easily add emotions to their Non-Player Characters (NPC). Expand
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On Curriculum, Bildung and the Dialogue Seminar
A teacher is in a sense a guide that points the way. By following the signs students are lead towards a goal. Obviously the students need to believe in their hearts that the signs are point-ingExpand
Book Reviews : The Price of Prophecy: Orthodox churches on peace, freedom and security, by Alexander F.C. Webster. Grand Rapids, Michigan, Eerdmans, 1993. xviii+388 pp. pb. US$ 19.99
more than is delivered, for ’Christian Ethics’ here reduces with very little remainder to Aquinas’ moral philosophy; and the Christian theological content is very slight indeed. Another, perhaps lessExpand
The Orthodox Church and communism
The two Russian revolutions of 1917 (March and October) found the Russian Orthodox Church poised to embark on its own programme of reform. It was always the policy of Lenin (Vladimir Il’ich Ulianov)Expand
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Petre Tutea (1902–1991): The urban hermit of Romanian spirituality
The postcommunist countries of Eastern Europe have an opportunity to take a new way towards the political, economic and social reforms which are vital for establishing liberal democracy. The end ofExpand