Alexandru Morega

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Magnetic drug targeting (MDT) therapy is usually controlled through the magnetic field produced by a permanent magnet; the solution proposed and assessed here considers a planar spiral coil (PSC) or a system of such coils, as an equally effective magnetic field source. The PSC may be designed to provide proper configurations of the magnetic field gradients,(More)
The paper presents numerical simulation results on the electrical signal propagation in the thoracic volume; the signal source is the cardiac electrical activity, as described by FitzHugh-Nagumo equations. Action potential propagation through an excitable tissue that models the electrical activity of a healthy heart was projected here on the surface of the(More)
The paper presents a workshop and a contest organized for 25 high school students at the " Politehnica " University of Bucharest in early 2010. These activities were coordinated by both University professors and high school teachers and their objectives include introducing students to robotics and also creating a bridge between engineering university and(More)
Superior, scalable grid topology that may provide for higher quality of service, survivorship capacity, and reconfiguration capability is a feature of modern grid architecture. The reported research is aimed at delivering a possible, constructal solution that is based on a minimum-redundant, scalable, reconfigurable topology that helps increasing the grid(More)
Electrocardiographic imaging is an inverse problem which consists of computing epicardial potential distributions from measurements of body surface potentials. Smoothing and attenuation of the electric field by the intervening body volume conductor render the problem ill posed, requiring regularization to stabilize the inverse solution. This paper reports a(More)
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