Alexandru Lupan

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Searching for stimulators of the innate antiviral response is an appealing approach to develop novel therapeutics against viral infections. Here, we established a cell-based reporter assay to identify compounds stimulating expression of interferon-inducible antiviral genes. DD264 was selected out of 41,353 compounds for both its immuno-stimulatory and(More)
Density functional theory shows that the lowest energy CpMoC3B(n-4)H(n-1) (n = 8, 9, 10, 11) structures are based on isocloso or similar deltahedra with the molybdenum atom at a degree 6 vertex. Such deltahedra include the capped pentagonal bipyramid for the 8-vertex system. Among such geometries the lowest energy structures have the carbon atoms at the(More)
Consideration of the well-known very stable icosahedral B12H12(2-) as a three-dimensional analogue of benzene was extended by the recent synthesis of the biicosahedral B21H18(-) as a three-dimensional analogue of naphthalene. The preferred structures of metallaboranes derived from B21H18(-) have now been examined by density functional theory. The(More)
Theoretical studies on the hypoelectronic metalladicarbaboranes CpMC(2)B(n-3)H(n-1) (M = Mn, Re; n = 9, 10, 11) having 2n skeletal electrons indicate that true isocloso MC(2)B(n-3) deltahedra are highly energetically favored in which the metal atom occupies the single degree 6 vertex. This contrasts with the previously studied isoelectronic(More)
It is generally accepted that the catalytic cycles of superoxide reductases (SORs) and cytochromes P450 involve a ferric hydroperoxo intermediate at a mononuclear iron center with a coordination sphere consisting of four equatorial nitrogen ligands and one axial cysteine thiolate trans to the hydroperoxide. However, although SORs and P450s have similar(More)
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