Alexandru Lupan

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Searching for stimulators of the innate antiviral response is an appealing approach to develop novel therapeutics against viral infections. Here, we established a cell-based reporter assay to identify compounds stimulating expression of interferon-inducible antiviral genes. DD264 was selected out of 41,353 compounds for both its immuno-stimulatory and(More)
Density functional theory shows that the lowest energy CpMoC3B(n-4)H(n-1) (n = 8, 9, 10, 11) structures are based on isocloso or similar deltahedra with the molybdenum atom at a degree 6 vertex. Such deltahedra include the capped pentagonal bipyramid for the 8-vertex system. Among such geometries the lowest energy structures have the carbon atoms at the(More)
It is generally accepted that the catalytic cycles of superoxide reductases (SORs) and cytochromes P450 involve a ferric hydroperoxo intermediate at a mononuclear iron center with a coordination sphere consisting of four equatorial nitrogen ligands and one axial cysteine thiolate trans to the hydroperoxide. However, although SORs and P450s have similar(More)
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