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In this paper we prove the principle of symmetric criticality for Motreanu–Panagiotopoulos type func-tionals, i.e., for convex, proper, lower semicontinuous functionals which are perturbed by a locally Lipschitz function. By means of this principle a variational–hemivariational inequality is studied on certain type of unbounded strips.
In this paper we study the multiplicity of solutions for a class of eigenvalue problems for hemivariational inequalities in strip-like domains. The first result is based on a recent abstract theorem of Marano and Motreanu, obtaining at least three distinct, axially symmetric solutions for certain eigenvalues. In the second result, a version of the fountain(More)
We extend a recent result of Ricceri concerning the existence of three critical points of certain non-smooth functionals. Two applications are given, both in the theory of differential inclusions; the first one concerns a non-homogeneous Neumann boundary value problem, the second one treats a quasilinear elliptic inclusion problem in the whole R N .
We construct a constrained trivariate extension of the univariate normalized B-basis of the vector space of trigonometric polynomials of arbitrary (finite) order n ∈ N defined on any compact interval [0, α], where α ∈ (0, π). Our triangular extension is a normalized linearly independent constrained trivariate trigonometric function system of dimension δ n =(More)
This paper deals with a sublinear differential inclusion problem (P<sub>&#x03BB;</sub>) depending on a parameter &#x03BB; &gt; 0 which is defined on a strip-like domain subject to the zero Dirichlet boundary condition. By variational methods, we prove that for large values of &#x03BB;, problem (P<sub>&#x03BB;</sub>) has at least two non-zero axially(More)