Alexandru Dimitriu

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Macrophage-rich peritoneal cell populations from C57BL/6 mice grafted with DBA/2 skin were found to be cytotoxic against 51Cr-labeled target cells from the donor strain. Normal peritoneal macrophages were also rendered cytotoxic by incubation with acellular supernatants of mixed lymphocyte cultures (MLC) between an allograft recipient and a donor mouse.(More)
The B-cell mitogens lipopolysaccharide (LPS), Nocardia water-soluble mitogen (NWSM), and dextran sulfate (DxS) react with different subpopulations of B lymphocytes. Selective in vitro killing of cells responding to either LPS or NWSM has little effect on the in vitro response to the other mitogen, although the response to DxS is reduced in both cases. If,(More)
BACKGROUND Acute liver failure (ALF) as a result of mushroom poisoning is associated with a high mortality (particularly in children), despite optimal medical therapy (OMT), including charcoal haemoperfusion and haemodiafiltration. MARS is a new, cell-free, extracorporeal liver assistance method utilizing an albumin dialysate for the removal of(More)
Online social games are Internet-based games that use the social networks formed by players to extend in-game functionality. For example, gamers participating in the BBO Fans community combine online bridge play with social networking. Despite an increase in the popularity of online social gaming---currently, there exist over one million online bridge(More)
Online social gaming is an emerging Internet application that combines online gaming and online social networking functionality for the benefit of millions of daily users. While researchers have investigated the structure of (social) networks for decades, the activity characteristics and the community structure of online social gaming remain relatively(More)