Alexandru Cristian Cosma

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This paper describes a new approach for pedestrian detection in traffic scenes. The originality of the method resides in the combination of the benefits of the symmetry characteristic for pedestrians in intensity images and the benefits of deformable part-based models for recognizing pedestrians in multiple object hypotheses generated by a stereo vision(More)
Neural networks have gained a lot of attention recently and there have different techniques have been developed in order to evolve them. Neuroevolution is a flexible yet robust way of evolving such networks and it has been applied in a variety of fields from learning behaviour in games to solving classification problems. Neat is one of the most powerful(More)
Considering the wide spectrum of both practical and research applicability, opinion mining has attracted increased attention in recent years. This article focuses on breaking the domain-dependency barrier which occurs in supervised opinion mining strategies by using a semi-supervised approach, which ensures domain independence. Our work devises a(More)
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