Alexandru C. Barboi

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Historically, heart, liver, and kidney biopsies were performed to demonstrate amyloid deposits in amyloidosis. Since the clinical presentation of this disease is so variable and non-specific, the associated risks of these biopsies are too great for the diagnostic yield. Other sites that have a lower biopsy risk, such as skin or gingival, are also relatively(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the neurologic cinematographic contributions of Gheorghe Marinescu. BACKGROUND Near the end of the 19th century, cinematography developed and was immediately recognized as a new technique applicable to medical documentation. After studying with several prominent European neurologists and deeply influenced by Jean-Martin Charcot,(More)
For the past approximately six decades, electrodiagnostic testing orelectrodiagnosis (EDX) has played an increasingly important role in the clinical evaluation of patients who have neuromuscular disorders. This in part is because of a greater understanding of the pathophysiology of these disorders. Also of importance is the development of the techniques(More)
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