Alexandru Balog

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The increasing popularity of Facebook among university students is raising several research questions regarding the characteristics of use. In the context of modern school, the academic use and the usage related to the university context are of special interest. This paper aims at analyzing the motives for the use of Facebook and the characteristics of(More)
A large number of multi criteria decision making (MCDM) software products have been developed in academia and business. The selection of the appropriate MCDM software product to solve a given decision problem is a difficult task. Users need adequate MCDM software that meets quality standards regarding usability and functionality, utility, reliability and(More)
As social networking websites become more and more widespread there is an increasing interest to analyze and explain their usage. Facebook is a web-based service that is very popular among university students. In this paper a motivational model is presented that explains Facebook acceptance by university students with two key factors: perceived usefulness(More)
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