Alexandros Zenonos

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Environmental monitoring is important, as it allows authorities to understand the impact of potentially harmful environmental phenomena, such as air pollution, noise or temperature, on public health. To achieve this effectively, participatory sensing is a promising paradigm for large-scale data collection. In this approach, ordinary citizens (non-expert(More)
Stress, anxiety and depression in the workplace are detrimental to human health and productivity with significant financial implications. Recent research in this area has focused on the use of sensor technologies, including smartphones and wearables embedded with physiological and movement sensors. In this work, we explore the possibility of using such(More)
Participatory sensing is a promising new low-cost approach for collecting environmental data. However, current large-scale environmental participatory sensing campaigns typically do not coordinate the measurements of participants, which can lead to gaps or redundancy in the collected data. While some work has considered this problem, it has made several(More)
Environmental monitoring allows authorities to understand the impact of potentially harmful phenomena such as air pollution, excessive noise and radiation. Recently, there has been considerable interest in participatory sensing as a paradigm for such large-scale data collection because it is cost-effective and able to capture more fine-grained data than(More)
Based on 93 observations on application of a mechanic suture for vesico-digestive anastomoses and anastomoses between the hepatocholedochus and duodenum, it has been found that these operations have a number of advantages over routinely used procedures and could be employed in everyday surgical practice, thus facilitating technical accomplishment of(More)
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