Alexandros Vasiliou

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Collaborative learning outside the classroom is vital for many educational disciplines. Three educational scenarios held outdoors are analysed. In the first scenario, students investigate the ancient architecture, archaeological artefacts and historical location at an archaeological site. In the second scenario, students investigate the environmental and(More)
Environmental monitoring is important for life sustainability. Continuous measurements of environmental parameters may help to prevent and cope with environmental damages. Sensors that measure environment's conditions may be placed at appropriate locations and transmit environmental data. In a case of emergency, environmentalist rush to the affected area to(More)
Pemphigus is an uncommon chronic disease with dermatologic and mucosal manifestations. Primary laryngeal involvement without skin lesions is extremely rare. The present paper describes a 72-year old man who presented with a 2-month history of hoarseness, haemoptisis and dysphagia. Clinical examination revealed an erythematous oral mucosa without(More)
MANETs (Mobile Ad-hoc Networks) are self organizing networks without the need for a pre-existing infrastructure. These characteristics make them suitable for situations as rescue procedures, education, and military. When nodes need one-to-many or many-to-many communication then multicasting is employed. Many experiments showed that ODMRP protocol is very(More)
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