Alexandros Rigas

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OBJECTIVES In this study a new method for asthma outcome prediction, which is based on Principal Component Analysis and Least Square Support Vector Machine Classifier, is presented. Most of the asthma cases appear during the first years of life. Thus, the early identification of young children being at high risk of developing persistent symptoms of the(More)
Starting from suitable maps of the form ψ:S n →SU(m) , for large m , we obtain functions θ:S n −→SU(k) that generate π n SU(k) , for certain n and k. We have used this method in elementary algebraic topology courses for purposes of illustration, since it requires no machinery beyond the homotopy exact sequence of fibrations and provides an insight about the(More)
Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide and the prognostic evaluation of cancer patients is of great importance in medical care. The use of artificial neural networks in prediction problems is well established in human medical literature. The aim of the current study was to assess the prognostic value of a series of clinical and molecular variables(More)
OBJECTIVE Childhood asthma is a frequent cause of absenteeism that affects school performance. We aimed to investigate the impact of asthma on absenteeism and school performance level of elementary and high school students. METHODS Data about sociodemographics, absenteeism, and academic achievement were obtained from 1539 students attending 98 schools in(More)
In this work an information theory approach is presented for measuring structural variability during insect metamorphosis. Following a self-organizational perspective, the underlying assumption is that an insect pupa is a cybernetic bio-system, which displays a homeostatic control during its metamorphosis. The description of structural variability was based(More)