Alexandros Kyriakides

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The classification of Raman Spectra is useful in identification and diagnosis applications. We have obtained Raman Spectra from bacterial samples using three different species of bacteria. Before any form of classification can be carried out on the Raman Spectra it is important that some form of normalization is used. This is due to the nature of the(More)
A major challenge in developing endpoint detection systems is the presence of background noise. We have developed a hybrid method for performing endpoint detection which is based on spectrogram estimation using LPC and a detection process based on imaging operations on the spectrogram. High-variance regions in the spectrogram, captured by variance kernels,(More)
Urinary tract infection diagnosis and antibiogram require a 48 hour waiting period using conventional methods. This results in ineffective treatments, increased costs and most importantly in increased resistance to antibiotics. In this work, a novel method for classifying bacteria and determining their sensitivity to an antibiotic using Raman spectroscopy(More)
Motivation: In recent years, with the continuing increase in available storage space, image repositories have grown to such sizes that it is becoming ever more difficult to keep track of this large amount of data. These images are usually ”unlabeled.” If these images were categorized and ”labeled,” it would allow for the simple retrieval of a specific image(More)
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