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Podemos: the ambiguous promises of left-wing populism in contemporary Spain*
Abstract The paper inquires critically into Podemos as an instance of left-wing populism in contemporary European politics, putting forward four claims and a major thesis. First, Podemos was startedExpand
Populism 2.0.
Towards a Regime of Post-political Biopower? Dispatches from Greece, 2010–2012
This article makes the case that Greece has witnessed a transition from a ‘post-democratic’ condition in the ’90 s and the early 21st century to a regime of ‘post-political biopower’ in 2010–12 thatExpand
Extreme right-wing populism in Europe: revisiting a reified association
ABSTRACT Revisiting the trend of identifying populism with extreme right parties, in this paper we aim to problematize such associations within the context of today’s Europe. Drawing on examples fromExpand
Radical Left Populism from the Margins to the Mainstream: A Comparison of Syriza and Podemos
In our chapter, we focus our analysis on what we consider the two paradigmatic cases of this new left-wing populism in today’s Europe: Syriza and Podemos. We highlight their discursive strategies andExpand
The Protection and Negation of Life
Populism, anti-populism and crisis
This article focuses on two issues involved in the formation and political trajectory of populist representations within political antagonism. First, it explores the role of crisis in theExpand
Community currencies as laboratories of institutional learning: emergence of governance through the mediation of social value
This paper is motivated by a long-standing curiosity about the role of scale in explanatory theories of socio-economic action. Introducing scale as an analytical variable implies the coexistence ofExpand